We help startups
with growth & growing pains
by starting with clarity of thought.


You know your product and your customer, and you've been working your butt off. This has gotten you far, but it’s time to take your business to the next level.

There are so many paths you could take; how do you choose one? Do you have the data and insights to reach a clear decision?

We'll help you set a strategy to grow marketing, sales, and customer success. This process starts by setting really clear goals, then collecting data, defining KPIs, and setting up performance reporting.

Then, once the growth strategy is clear, how do you find the right people to help execute, especially if you need a variety of skills but don’t have the budget for several full time salaries?

* * * It's so important that we keep startup founders/executives like you focused on what only you can do, because your business's most precious resource is its leaders' thinking and time. * * *

That's why we'll help pair you with the right talent. Perspicacity's owner Adrian Dahlin is a great lead consultant, and he's also an expert with revenue operations and marketing technology. Plus we have a team of vetted freelance pros we love working with in the areas of:

  • Personal branding & thought leadership
  • Web development
  • UX design
  • Technical copywriting
  • Paid & organic social media
  • Data science & engineering

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Growing Pains

Once your marketing, sales, and customer success operation is driving growth, how do you build a company to support that growth? How do you plan for the future? How do you create a culture of compassionate excellence in the process?

As your company gets more complex, you need to make sure you set yourself up for long-term success and don't make decisions that you'll regret later. This means getting top-tier contributions in areas like finance and HR, but again, you may not be ready to hire a bunch of full-time executives or confident you can find the right people if you do.

This is when we can set you up with fractional leaders and coaches who will bring senior expertise in part-time affordable packages. We have great people we trust who help startups with:

  • Financial analysis & planning
  • Hiring & HR
  • Culture & employee performance & personal development
  • Executive coaching

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Perspicacity Owner

Adrian Dahlin

Adrian started his career as a startup founder and then moved into marketing. Later he studied data science at NYU and became an expert in marketing operations, automation, and analytics. He founded Perspicacity Studio in February 2020 and has been helping startups with growth and growing pains ever since.

Pros We Love Working With

NatalieFractional CFO

Natalie drives business growth through financial strategy development, market research, financial modeling, and venture funding preparation. She holds an MBA from the University of Washington with a focus on entrepreneurial finance and venture capital.

AlfonsoDigital Marketing

Al is a digital marketing and communications pro specializing in social media, digital advertising, search engine marketing, and video. He speaks hashtags, insights, and micro videos. Fun fact: his family runs an Italian pizza shop in Holyoke, MA.

JohnWeb Development

John is a super reliable back end web developer with deep expertise in WordPress and HubSpot.


Dillon has eight years of experience creating digital products. He specializes in the UX and UI of mobile apps, as well as web design and front-end web development. The digital products he creates revolve around human-centered design principles.

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